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Hi! I’m Alida

Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Chef, and Jedi Meditation Instructor


When you’ve changed so much that you don’t even recognize the old version of yourself, that is the point where you know you’ll never go back.

That was a commitment I made to myself when I declared I would kick the yo-dieting pattern once and for all. Triggered by childhood trauma, I became a food addict at a very early age. I struggled with chronic illness and clinical depression from then on into my early 20’s. It was a pain I thought I’d never escape.

When a third doctor tried to medicate me for depression, I commited every ounce of energy to finding my own way out.

Not an easy task when you’re working and going to school full time.

I started by retraining my brain to think about food differently. I learned how to meditate and choose a different story about who I was and what was possible for me. I taught myself how to weight train effectively so that, while I was losing the weight, I could also build a body I would be proud of.

In the end, I lost 80 pounds and CRUSHED depression and chronic illness. And I did it with a crazy schedule and ‘no time’ to prioritize my health.

That success launched my career as a coach back in 2004. I knew there were far too many people suffering the way I was and I couldn’t stand to keep watching that happen.

If you’re ready to take your power back, to put your health first, I’m here to walk the path with you.

Behind the Scenes

At one of our live cooking classes. As a classically trained chef, I believe great food is meant to be celebrated and respected. Not eliminated.


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